21 Day Fat Burn for my High School ReunionWelcome to my blog! I wanted to share my story of my 21 Day Fat Burn with a simple trick. How much weight did I lose you’re wondering? 23 pounds! That’s an average of about a pound a day, although a couple days I lost more than a pound. Why did I set out to lose weight and melt away fat? My 10 year high school reunion was approaching. Learn how I lost weight for my High School Reunion.

Looking beautiful and feeling great was a HUGE concerrn of mine, especially considering how nervous I was to see some of my high school classmates, and high school crushes. This was a BIG event for me, it was a MUST for me to look and feel beautiful. Back in high school I was homecoming Queen, so I felt I had to in some ways maintain that image.

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I successfully achieved my goal and was able to lose the weight quickly, and safely with ease. If I can do it, you too can do it, and this is what I’m going to share in my blog. I’ll share weight lose and diet methods, weight loss plans and tips, fat burners, and more importantly, how I lost weight for my High School Reunion in just 21 days with a simple but effective trick.

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